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EIP 2046

This is a benchmarking tool for testing EIP 2046: Reduced gas cost for static calls made to precompiles. All benchmarks are basd on geth.


  • We use the identity precompile (address 0x4), with zero input
  • The precompile has cost 15,
  • and does not execute any code

One contract is used:

Contract a:

while true:
   staticcall(gas, 0x4, ...) 

The actual code of a is

	PC       // This is a NOP, to make JUMPDEST wind up at 1
	JUMPDEST    // []
	MSIZE       // [0] out size
	MSIZE       // [0,0] out offset
	MSIZE       // [0,0,0] insize
	MSIZE       // [0,0,0,0] inoffset
	PUSH1 4     // [0,0,0,0,4] address
	GAS         // [0,0,0,0,4,gas] Gas
	STATICCALL  // [1] pops 6, pushes 1
	JUMP        // []

Since it does no mem expansion, we use MSIZE to push zeroes on the stack (cost 3 instead of 5)

Resulting genesis alloc:

 "0x000000000000000000000000000000000000ff0a": {
  "code": "0x585b5959595960045afa56",
  "balance": "0xffffffff"

Pre EIP-2046

With 10M gas, we can do the call 13569 times, which takes around 20ms

Time elapsed: 23.834943ms
Time elapsed: 65.726332ms
Time elapsed: 14.182627ms
Time elapsed: 14.274849ms

Rough calculation: 10000 / 13569 ~= 737 gas per round, which, accounting for 715 for the call means that the remainng ops in the loop are around 22 gas

Post EIP-2046

To simulate EIP-2046, geth was modified in the following to make all STATICCALL cost 40:

diff --git a/core/vm/jump_table.go b/core/vm/jump_table.go
index b26b55284c..bb3dac78ae 100644
--- a/core/vm/jump_table.go
+++ b/core/vm/jump_table.go
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ func newByzantiumInstructionSet() JumpTable {
        instructionSet := newSpuriousDragonInstructionSet()
        instructionSet[STATICCALL] = operation{
                execute:     opStaticCall,
-               constantGas: params.CallGasEIP150,
+               constantGas: 40,
                dynamicGas:  gasStaticCall,
                minStack:    minStack(6, 1),
                maxStack:    maxStack(6, 1),

With 10M gas, we can do 129870 calls.

Sanity check: ~77 per loop, so with 40+15 as cost, the remainder is 22 gas, which matches the result above. The execution time varied quite a lot between warmed-up or not:

Time elapsed: 220.176693ms
Time elapsed: 149.782772ms
Time elapsed: 145.534365ms
Time elapsed: 148.180509ms

I think ~150ms is closest to the truth.

If we mod geth a bit more, to remove those 15 gas, the results are , with 161291 loops:

Time elapsed: 342.355984ms
Time elapsed: 190.665687ms
Time elapsed: 196.041588ms
Time elapsed: 199.760443ms

Still around 200ms.


Burning through 10M gas by calling precompiles would still take below 150ms on a standard laptop, which is within reason.

The bigger problem, IMO, is that all existing precompiles needs to be individually benchmarked, since currently some of them are priced with the intrinsic 700 in mind. For example, the ModExp and Blake2f precompiles have very low gas usage -- the bulk of the cost for calling them is the 700. If that is lowered, we need to also evaluate if those need to be raised.

I see no blocker to this EIP, other than that the EIP should also include benchkmarks and possibly repricing of (some of the) precompiles.

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