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# cplay list file
# tested with epm 2.5 and cplay 1.48
# Manpage extensions...
# Directories...
# Product information
%product cplay
%copyright GPL
%vendor Ulf Betlehem <>
%license COPYING
%readme README
%description cplay, a curses front-end for various audio players.
%version 1.48
%packager Giuseppe "Cowo" Corbelli <>
# Executables
%system all
f 0555 root sys ${bindir}/cplay cplay
# Doc
f 0444 root sys ${docdir}/README README
f 0444 root sys ${docdir}/TODO TODO
# Man pages
f 0444 root sys ${mandir}/cplay.${MAN1EXT} cplay.1
f 0644 root sys ${confdir}/cplayrc cplayrc
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