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v1.44: *** 1.44 released ***

tagged · 48 commits to master since this tag

	* cplay:
	- partial support for madplay
	- partial support for mikmod (yason)
	- removed sox support - unless someone needs it
	- toggle counter mode: time done / time left
	- seek acceleration based on song length
	- avoid listing dot-files (Martin Michlmayr)
	- remove ".." entry from root (Martin Michlmayr)
	- show playlist upon startup if playing (Patrice Neff)
	- removed TERMIOS warning with recent python versions
	- add directories from command line (Han)
	- fixed x-bug (Chris Liechti)
	- changed write_playlist key from 'o' to 'w'
	- changed goto command key from 'g' to 'o'
	- added 'g' (home) and 'G' (end) keys
	- added '/' and '?' keys for searching
	- misc tweaks

	* cplay.1:
	- update

	- update


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