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HollaEx Kit PRs Welcome

HollaEx Kit is an open source white label crypto software suite with a range of features from exchange and trading to user management and onboarding as well as wallet system. In order to run the HollaEx Kit, you need to run the Server as the back-end and Web as your front-end user interface. HollaEx Kit runs as a stand alone node and for trading and blockchain functionalities require to connect to HollaEx Network. By default the node connects to the public HollaEx Network.

Get Started

HollaEx Kit provides simple (but powerful) CLI tool to help exchange operators setup and operate the exchange. Get started by install HollaEx CLI and following the documentation to start your own exchange.

git clone


Read more on our Docs!


Checkout Web for the front-end UI/UX code.

Check out Server for back-end and server side operations and endpoints.

Check out Plugins for developing seamless and flexible custom services that can be added to the HollaEx Kit.

Check out HollaEx CLI (Command Line Interface) for interacting and deploying your exchange.

Check out HollaEx Network Library for tools and functions used to communicate with HollaEx Network.

Check out HollaEx Tools Library for developers as a suite of all useful functions in the HollaEx Kit.


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