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SEFR in Swift

This is the source code that accompanies my blog post The SEFR classifier.

SEFR is a binary classifier. To use it on a binary classfication task:

let sefr = SEFR() X_train, targets: y_train)
let y_pred = sefr.predict(examples: X_test)

You can use it for multiclass tasks by using a simple wrapper that performs one-vs-rest:

let model = SEFRMulticlass() X_train, targets: y_train)
let y_pred = model.predict(examples: X_test)

The demo program is a simple Swift script that runs on macOS. It uses the Vision framework to generate "feature prints" for a set of training and test images. Each feature print consists of 2048 numbers. It trains SEFR on these feature prints.

To run the demo program, open a Terminal on macOS and type:

$ cat SEFR.swift Demo.swift | swift -


The images used in the dataset were hand-picked from Google Open Images Dataset V6. For full credits and license terms, see here.

The source code is licensed as MIT.

My implementation is based on the following sources:


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