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LP# refers to holland launchpad bugs here:
GH# referes to the deprecated github bug tracker here:
1.0.7 - unreleased
- Fixed bug in purge-policy=before-backup that would fail to retain the
in-progress backup and ultimately cause the backup run to fail.
- Added pre/post/failure backup command options to [holland:backup] for
each backupset. Contributed by osheroff
- holland purge now truncates files in increments of 256MB before running
unlink(2) to minimize the impact of removing a very large file.
- Fixed a bug in holland.conf [logging] handling where the log-level would be
ignored in favor of the default value for holland --log-level.
- Fix bug with holland backup --dry-run and mysqldump plugin's stop-slave=yes
option. The slave would be incorrectly stopped in dry-run mode, but never
- Fixed a bug with estimate-method=const where lock-method=auto-detect would
not properly detect when to set single-transaction because table engine
information was not read.
- Plugin estimate method now ignores MRG_MyISAM and Federated tables when
estimating the total backup space in order to avoid counting tables twice.
- Fixed a bug in my.cnf parsing code that did not treat my.cnf sections case
insenstiviely. This differed from the mysqldump behavior
- Fixed a bug in the relpath implementation where paths relative to / were not
properly calculated. This was a bug in os.path.relpath in python <= 2.6: Backported the fix from python 2.7
- Fix a bug in tar archiver that was not closing the output stream at the end
of a backup.
- Added pre- and post-args to [tar] config to allow customizing options to GNU
tar used for archiving mysql-lvm backups.
- LVM plugins now detect when they cannot correctly backup innodb data.
mysql-lvm will abort by default if any innodb data files reside outside the
datadir. mysqldump-lvm will rewrite innodb-data-file-path,
innodb-data-home-dir and innodb-log-group-home-dir in order to startup the
bootstrap mysqld process correctly.
- added force-innodb-backup option to force a mysql-lvm backup even if it
appears unsafe to do so. InnoDB datafiles outside of the datadir are not
backed up by default unless tar's pre- and/or post-args are set correctly.
- The xtrabackup plugin now fails more cleanly when the innbackupex command
could not be found
- The xtrabackup plugin now handles failures in closing the output stream more
- Updated xtrabackup plugin to support xtrabackup 2.0
- Added stream=xbstream support
- Added support for streaming=no to perform a simply directory copy backup
- Added tmpdir option - previously tmpdir was taken from the my.cnf
- Added an additional-options = option, option, option for specifying
arbitrary options to innobackupex
- Added ibbackup=path option
- Added pre-command=command option
- Added safe-slave-backup=boolean option
1.0.6 - Jan 12, 2011
- holland backup better differentiates between a dry-run and normal backup
in logging output
- holland mk-config now produces cleaner output and includes a --minimal
option to strip comments from the backupset output.
- holland now more elegantly handles running the same backupset more than
once per second. Previously this could result in a stack trace as the
backupset directory already exists.
- holland now maintains newest and oldest symlinks in each backupset
directory pointing to the newest and oldest backup.
(Contribution from Micah Yoder)
- holland.conf now accepts a tmpdir option for environments where
manipulating TEMPDIR environment variable is not convenient
- holland backup --help is now consistent with holland help backup
(Fixes LP#677716)
- holland now warns about unknown options in config files
- The example plugin has been deprecated in favor of the holland-random
plugin, which provides a more useful starting example
- previously when logging failed (disk space, permissions, etc.) a stack
trace would be printed on stderr. As of 1.0.6 this is only done in when
the logging level is set to 'debug'
- holland backup --dry-run previously failed for mysqldump backups when
per-table exclusions were specified. (Fixes GH#60)
- config files are now read as utf8 (Fixes GH#57)
- holland-mysqldump now only stops the SQL_THREAD when stop-slave is
- error messages from MySQLdb are now decoded from utf8 as necessary
- holland-mysqldump now defaults max-allowed-packet to 128M
- holland-mysqldump now excludes performance_schema by default
- holland-mysqldump now more reliably parses my.cnf files specified via
- when a volume group has zero free extents, an unhandled exception would be
thrown due to a bug in formatting the error message (Fixed LP#699795)
- holland-mysqllvm had a bug in the example config file that would always
maintain two backups
- holland-mysqllvm now catches SIGHUP/SIGTERM more consistently
- holland-mysqllvm logs error output from various commands more consistently
- holland-mysqllvm will not create snapshot-mountpoint if it does
not exist (Fixes LP#671965)
- holland-mysqllvm previously failed to automatically mount xfs snapshots
with nouuid. This is now automatically detected (Fixes GH#61)
- additional tests for ext3 and xfs filesystems were added to holland.lib.lvm
- holland-xtrabackup now logs stderr output on a backup failure. Previously
this was only logged to xtrabackup.log in the backup directory.
(Fixes LP#671971)
- holland-xtrabackup should now be built by default in contrib/holland.spec
- add missing inline compression option.
- Added holland-pgdump plugin (Contribution from Micah Yoder)
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