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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that seem to pop up regularly when dealing with Holland, MySQL, and backups in general:

  • Holland sounds awesome! But how do I install it?

    The easiest way to install Holland is via the provided RPM and DEB packages. If you are using a platform that does not support either of these package formats, Holland can be installed just like any other Python program that uses Eggs.

    If you are a Rackspace Managed Hosting customer, simply ask your support team about Holland and they would be happy to install it for you!

  • I am using MySQL with MyISAM tables. Can Holland backup my tables without imposing costly locks that can bring down my website?

    It depends. As of Holland 0.4, there are no providers that can produce consistent and lockless backups for MyISAM tables. It is possible to have near lockless backups when using LVM, however there is currently no provider that supports LVM at this time (though that is planned). Even if there was, LVM would still need to be setup on the system running MySQL.

    However, Holland is replication-aware. That means it is possible to setup MySQL replication and do backups on the slave server. That will still either lock the tables on the slave or stop slave services for the duration of the backup, however these backups will not affect the master server.

    On an aside, if you are using nothing but MyISAM tables, unless you have a clear and concise reason to do so, consider using InnoDB. Chances are that you will get much better performance from InnoDB - at least for most database designs commonly used to power web-applications.

  • I found a bug in Holland, what do I do?

    Bugs and feature requests are tracked via our GitHub project:

    The Holland Core Developers can also be contacted via our mailing list:

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