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import os
import textwrap
from holland.core.command import Command, option
from holland.core.spool import spool
from holland.core.config import hollandcfg
from holland.core.plugin import load_backup_plugin
class ListBackups(Command):
Lists available backups
name = 'list-backups'
aliases = [
description = 'List available backups'
options = [
option('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true',
help="Verbose output")
def print_table(self, table):
header = table[0]
rest = table[1:]
fmt = "%-28s %-9s %-16s %s"
print fmt % tuple(header)
print "-"*80
for row in rest:
print fmt % tuple(row)
def run(self, cmd, opts):
backup_list = [x for x in spool.list_backups()]
if not backup_list:
print "No backups"
return 0
backupsets_seen = []
for backup in backup_list:
if backup.backupset not in backupsets_seen:
print "Backupset[%s]:" % (backup.backupset)
# Read the backup.conf
plugin_name = backup.config.get('holland:backup', {})['plugin']
if not plugin_name:
print "Skipping broken backup: %s" %
print "\t%s" %
if opts.verbose:
print "\t",
plugin = load_backup_plugin(plugin_name)
plugin = plugin(backup.backupset, backup.config, backup.path)
if hasattr(plugin, 'info'):
plugin_info =
import re
rec = re.compile(r'^', re.M)
print rec.sub('\t\t', plugin_info)
return 0
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