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import logging
from holland.core.command import Command, option
from holland.core.plugin import load_first_entrypoint
from holland.core.spool import spool
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class Restore(Command):
Restore data from an existing Holland backup
The actual restore is delegated to the backup plugin that
created the backup.
holland ${cmd_name} some-backup --help
# Example restore for a mysqldump based backup
holland ${cmd_name} some-backup --table mysql.proc
name = 'restore'
aliases = [
options = [
option('--dry-run', '-n', action='store_true',
help="Print what restore actually would do without actually running the restore")
description = 'Restore data from an existing Holland Backup'
def __init__(self):
def run(self, cmd, opts, backup_name, *restore_options):
backup = spool.find_backup(backup_name)
if not backup:
logging.error("No backup found named %s", backup_name)
return 1
config = backup.config
plugin_name = config.get('holland:backup', {}).get('plugin')
plugin = load_first_entrypoint('holland.restore', plugin_name)(backup)
plugin.dispatch([plugin_name] + list(restore_options))
return 1
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