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This plugin contains all the plugins distributed by the core holland
distribution. The backup plugins are all directly dependent on the
main holland distribution (located one level up from this directory).
The library plugins are typically self contained but usually
provide functionality directly applicable to the holland project
and are often dependencies of one or more backup plugins.
Plugin descriptions
Here are brief descriptions of each of the plugins. Please see the README
located under each plugin for more specific information or see documentation
holland.lib.common - General purpose functionality such as compression and
holland.lib.mysql - Support for connections to a MySQL instance and generally
interacting with a deployment.
holland.lib.lvm - A simple python API for interacting with LVM. Primarily
designed to support LVM snapshots for the LVM based backup
holland.backup.example - A trivial example plugin that does nothing at all
but demonstrates the basic structure of a holland
backup plugin
holland.backup.mysqldump - A mysqldump based backup plugin for MySQL
Depends: [holland.lib.common, holland.lib.mysql]
holland.backup.mysqlhotcopy - A raw file copy for MySQL, only loosely based on
the 'mysqlhotcopy' command
Depends: [holland.lib.common, holland.lib.mysql]
holland.backup.maatkit - A wrapper around mk-parallel-dump. Not really
recommended for production quality backups. See for more information on
the underlying mk-parallel-dump script.
Depends: [holland.lib.mysql]
holland.backup.mysql_lvm - A LVM snapshot based backup plugin for MySQL
Depends: [holland.lib.common, holland.lib.mysql,
holland.backup.random - An example plugin that backups up bytes from
holland.backup.sqlite - A backup plugin that produces logical exports
from sqlite database files.
Depends: [holland.lib.common]
holland.backup.xtrabackup - A backup plugin that uses Percona's xtrabackup
utility to perform a raw file copy of MySQL datadir
Depends: [holland.lib.mysql, holland.lib.common]