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# This scripts generates holland rpms via mock
# Requires: mock rpmdevltools rpm-build
set -o errexit -o nounset
function check_requires() {
rpm -q rpmdevtools || return 1;
rpm -q rpm-build || return 1;
rpm -q mock || return 1
if [ $? != 0 ]
echo "Missing requirements for building rpms."
echo "You may need to run: yum install mock rpmdevtools rpmbuild"
echo "Setting up local rpm environment, as needed"
SOURCEDIR=$(rpm --eval "%{_sourcedir}")
SRPMDIR=$(rpm --eval "%{_srcrpmdir}")
RPMDIR=$(rpm --eval "%{_rpmdir}")
HOLLAND_VERSION=$(python setup.py --version)
RHEL_VERSION=$(sed -nr '1s/.*([0-9]+)[.].*/\1/p' < /etc/redhat-release)
# Export HEAD as the source
echo "Exporting current git tree as tarball to ${HOLLAND_SRC}"
git archive --prefix=holland-$HOLLAND_VERSION/ HEAD > ${HOLLAND_SRC}
# Build a source RPM via mock
echo "Generating holland source rpm via mock"
mock --quiet --root=${MOCK_CHROOT} \
--buildsrpm \
--spec=contrib/holland.spec \
--sources=${SOURCEDIR} \
# find the recently generated src rpm
HOLLAND_SRPM=$(ls -t ${SRPMDIR}/holland-${HOLLAND_VERSION}*.src.rpm | head -1)
echo " Source RPM: ${HOLLAND_SRPM}"
# build the holland rpmset via mock
echo "Generating holland rpm set via mock"
mock --quiet --root=${MOCK_CHROOT} \
--result=${RPMDIR}/noarch \
echo "Finished. The following rpms are available in ${RPMDIR}/noarch/:"
ls ${RPMDIR}/noarch/holland-*${HOLLAND_VERSION}*.noarch.rpm | xargs -n1 basename
# vim:set ts=4 sw=4 ft=sh et: