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@@ -48,20 +48,42 @@ mysqldump Provider Configuration [mysqldump]
databases or backup-set. This should only be used when backing
up a slave and only after the slave has been turned off
(ie, this can be used with the **stop-slave** option).
-**dump-routines** = yes | no
+**exclude-invalid-views** = yes | no (default: no)
+ Whether to automate exclusion of invalid views that would otherwise cause
+ mysqldump to fail. This adds additional overhead so this option is not
+ enabled by default.
+ When enabled, thos option will scan the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS table and
+ execute SHOW FIELDS against each view. If a view is detects as invalid, an
+ ignore-table option will be added to exclude the table. Additionally, the
+ plugin will attempt to save the view definion to 'invalid_views.sql' in the
+ backupset's backup directory.
+ .. versionadded:: 1.0.8
+**dump-routines** = yes | no (default: yes)
Whether or not to backup routines in the backup set directly. Routines
are stored in the 'mysql' database, but it can sometimes be convenient
to include them in a backup-set directly.
+ .. versionchanged:: 1.0.8
+ This option now enabled by default.
**dump-events** = yes | no
Whether or not to dump events explicitly. Like routines, events are
stored in the 'mysql' database. Nonetheless, it can sometimes be
convenient to include them in the backup-set directly.
- **Note**: This feature requires MySQL 5.1 or later.
+ **Note**: This feature requires MySQL 5.1 or later. The mysqldump plugin
+ will automatically disable events if the version of mysqldump is too old.
+ .. versionchanged:: 1.0.8
+ This option is now enabled by default
**stop-slave** = yes | no
@@ -111,6 +133,25 @@ mysqldump Provider Configuration [mysqldump]
there is no native Holland option available. This option accepts a comma
delimited list of arguments to pass on the commandline.
+**extra-defaults** = yes | no (default: no)
+ This option controls whether mysqldump will only read options as set by
+ holland or if additional options from global config files are read. By
+ default, the plugin only uses optons as set in the backupset config and
+ includes authentication credentials only from the [client] section in
+ ~/.my.cnf.
+**estimate-method** = plugin | const:<size> (default: plugin)
+ This option will skip some of the heavyweight queries necessary to
+ calculate the size of tables to be backed up. If a constant size is
+ specified, then only table names are evaluated and only if table filtering
+ is being used. Additionally, engines will be looked up via SHOW CREATE
+ TABLE if lock-method = auto-detect, in order for the plugin to determine if
+ tables are using a transactional storage engine. With 'plugin', the
+ default behavior of reading both size information and table names from the
+ information schema is used, which may be slow particularly for a large
+ number of tables.
Database and Table filtering

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