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Commits on Feb 12, 2015
  1. Andrew Garner

    Merge pull request #115 from CashStar/master

    abg authored
    Adding support for straight tar backups
  2. Andrew Garner

    Merge pull request #118 from m00dawg/master

    abg authored
    Updated file-per-database explanation [Issue 117]
  3. Tim Soderstrom

    Updated file-per-database explanation [Issue 117]

    m00dawg authored
    It now includes mention of what the filename is called when setting
    file-per-database to know.
Commits on Dec 31, 2014
  1. Andrew Garner
  2. Andrew Garner

    escape special chars when generating pgpass file

    abg authored
    '\' and ':' characters in a password must be escaped or they
    will be misinterpreted and authentication will fail.
    Resolves issue #116
Commits on Nov 25, 2014
  1. nevins-b
  2. nevins-b

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

    nevins-b authored
Commits on Nov 21, 2014
  1. Andrew Garner

    Merge pull request #113 from m00dawg/master

    abg authored
    Reorganized and clarrified the Holland backup-set config docs.
Commits on Nov 19, 2014
  1. requires the tar package

    Nevins Bartolomeo authored
  2. adding tar plugin to spec

    Nevins Bartolomeo authored
  3. Andrew Garner

    update CHANGES.rst for LP #1236618

    abg authored
  4. Andrew Garner
  5. Andrew Garner

    update CHANGES.rst for LP#1206202

    abg authored
  6. Andrew Garner
  7. Andrew Garner

    update CHANGES.rst for LP #1220841

    abg authored
  8. Andrew Garner
  9. Andrew Garner

    update CHANGES.rst for LP#1262352

    abg authored
  10. Andrew Garner
  11. Andrew Garner

    improve view detection in mysql <= 5.0

    abg authored
    Previously views were only detected based on the comment field
    which was checked when ENGINE IS NULL.  Now any ENGINE IS NULL
    table is set to 'view'.
  12. Andrew Garner
  13. Andrew Garner

    update CHANGES.rst

    abg authored
  14. Andrew Garner

    add changelog entries for invalid view bugfixes (LP #1207852)

    abg authored
    This notes that view errors that raise 1267 are now handled
    and generally holland mysqldump now handles these errors
    more gracefully.
  15. Andrew Garner

    raise BackupError if exclude_invalid_views fails

    abg authored
    - previously if a failing view was detected and MySQL raised
      an unknown error code, this method just reraised the original
      MySQLError.  This converts it to a more useful BackupError
      so holland does not raise an uncaught exception trace.
      If the invalid view handling fails still this probably means
      more error code classes need to be detected by holland.
  16. Andrew Garner
  17. Andrew Garner

    detect rhel release better in scripts/

    abg authored
    Only check the first line of /etc/redhat-release for a version
  18. Tim Soderstrom Andrew Garner

    Minor formatting change in compression docs

    m00dawg authored abg committed
  19. Tim Soderstrom Andrew Garner

    Documentation Updates

    m00dawg authored abg committed
     - Clarrified behavior of stop-slave and bin-log-position with
       mysqldump provider [Holland Bug 107]
     - Added gpg to list of compression agents, explanation of options
  20. Andrew Garner

    update CHANGES.rst for issue #98

    abg authored
  21. Andrew Garner

    don't automatically suppress log output

    abg authored
    holland was previously checking os.isatty(stdin) and would
    disable log output to the console if this was false regardless
    of whether holland --quiet was used.  Now console logging is
    only disabled with an explicit holland --quiet ... invocation.
    Fixes issue #98
  22. Andrew Garner

    CHANGES.txt -> CHANGES.rst in holland.spec

    abg authored
    This was changed as part of an update by mikegriffin in commit
    2b7a06c but the rpm spec was not updated to match.
    Fixes #101
  23. Andrew Garner

    update CHANGES.rst for github issue #106

    abg authored
    Notes fix for mysql-python compatibility in changelog.
  24. Andrew Garner

    always pass sequences of parameters to cursor.execute

    abg authored
    Fixes #106
    Previously some queries were passing bare strings to
    cursor.execute(query, param). This worked under MySQLdb 1.2.3
    but fails under MySQL 1.2.5.  This is likely broken on other
    connectors which also expect a sequence of params.
  25. mikegriffin Andrew Garner

    - rename CHANGES.txt to CHANGES.rst and add missing entry for

    mikegriffin authored abg committed
  26. mikegriffin Andrew Garner

    Replace defaults in xtrabackup provider to use innobackupex

    mikegriffin authored abg committed
    - Upstream xtrabackup has deprecated innobackupex-1.5.1 and
      the holland defaults have become stale
  27. Andrew Garner

    Added gpg option for mysqldump and xtrabackup

    Tim Soderstrom authored abg committed
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