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The Slidorion

This repository and library is no longer actively maintained - 15/11/2014

Slidorion Website

A combination of an image slider and an accordion, the slidorion displays beautiful images along with a variable length description. With images linked to each tab, and accompanied by a large array of effects, the slidorion is a great alternative to the traditional jQuery slider.

Slidorion is now available for WordPress


fade slideRandom overRandom slideUp slideRight slideDown slideLeft overUp overRight overDown overLeft none


  • autoPlay - Automatically plays the slidorion (boolean)
  • easing - The easing of the animations (string)
  • effect - The effect of the animation (string)
  • first - The first slide to show (the rel of that slide) (string)
  • hoverPause - The slidorion pauses when hovered over (boolean)
  • interval - The time between each slide (number)
  • speed - The speed of the animation (number)
  • controlNav - Show navigation buttons (boolean)
  • controlNavClass - The class of the navigation control buttons (string)

Change Log

  • Version 1.2
    • Added slide selection from URL
    • Fixed z-index issues
    • Code factor
    • Change markup for easier use
  • Version 1.1
    • Added an option for creating navigation buttons
  • Version 1.0
    • Added random effects for slide, over and all
    • Improved performance
    • Allows for embedded HTML
    • Improved usability and syntax
    • Fixed bug with accordion jumping out of container
    • Fixed bug with simultaneous effects
  • Version 0.93
    • Improved slider autoplay functionality
    • Added ability to have multiple Slidorions on a page
  • Version 0.92
    • Solved starting image issue in IE8
    • Created function to center images in the slider section
    • Add the effect option "none"
  • Version 0.91
    • Changed the accordion to prevent page jumping
    • Solved some transition issues with IE8
  • Version 0.9
    • Launch of Slidorion