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Recognizing hands and point direction in images

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Hands AI

Recognizing hands and point direction in images.


  • Requires Python>=3.6, OpenCV2>=3.4, PyTorch>=1, Fastai lib
  • Download pretrained models from and put them in data/models directory
  • see live predictions: python --help
    • e.g.
      • python - tries to use opencv camera input with defaults
      • python -f example.avi - using video file
      • python -i gstreamer -m 'ModelDarknetCustomized.load_03_416()' --cap_args 3 640 4 480 --img_size 416 544 --display-size 2 --display-size-screen 0.5 - using gstreamer input with custom image sizes. Good when predicting in Jetson tx2
      • python --display-size 2 -m 'ModelDarknetCustomized.load_default_full_512()'- using bigger model
      • live predict also can use phue-lib to control lights (example video below)


Using to control lights (Deployed to Jetson tx2 with infrared video camera)

Hue Stuff

Classes it recognizes: open_hand, finger_point, finger_gun, fist, pinch, one, two, three, four, thumbs_down, thumbs_up

Classes Example

Pretrained models and data


  • Check out repo-notebooks to see how they were trained and how effetive they are
  • Basically model is cnn which outputs (x, y, î, ĵ, objectness, p_class_1, p_class_2, ...).
    • much like Yolo but with angle instead of bounding boxes.


Data not available currently. Maybe some day. I'll have to clean it (I don't want to explain my nephew's mother why there is a video of her son pointing at things in the Internet.)

  • For examples see data_examples-notebook
  • Data labeling related tools are at label_tools folder.
  • Basically I took some videos. Run them through hands_ai and Chainer to get some pre made points. Go through video frame by frame. Opencv tracking to track points between frames. Then at each frame choose either one of the models, tracked points or manually clicking.


Source code - released under the MIT license (

Images, Data, Etc - released under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license (


Recognizing hands and point direction in images






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