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A better way to manage user preferences in iOS

Author: Hollis Liu


The current way of handling preferences options in iOS is somewhat frustrating: too many options, too many layers and too much blank spaces. There's gotta be a better way to do it. That's why I wrote this framework.

HLSettingsView reduces the clutter of options by condensing them into a collection view that everyone is familiar with. It also enables quick actions on key options by 3D Touch on any icon.


First it presents users with a clear, simple collection view called Board with all the options.

A user can tap on any icon to navigate to the next view like we all do everyday. Or the user can 3D Touch on an icon to bring up a Popup with quick actions for toggling key options. Keep pressing down on the screen will pop the UI into the next layer of settings with all the details.




The view is broken into 2 parts: Board and Popup Preview

  1. Board is a essentially a collectionView where you can provide the user with all the options a user need. Icons and text of the options can be provided with 2 constants: (note the images are preferably stored in the asset catalog)
//input your own options
let images = ["Airplane", "Battery", "Cell", "Cloud", "Fingerprint", "Hand", "Lock", "Message", "Photos", "Shutdown", "Wi-Fi", "Battery", "Cell", "Cloud", "Fingerprint", "Hand", "Lock"]

let options = ["Air Mode", "Battery", "Cellular", "iCloud", "Touch ID", "Privacy", "Password", "Mail", "Photos", "Turn Off", "Wi-Fi", "Battery", "Cellular", "iCloud", "Touch ID", "Privacy", "Password"]
  1. Popup utilizes the new UIPreviewInteraction API for 3D Touch effects. In addition to the system APIs, HLSettingsView also provides 2 delegate methods for the popup:
/// configure the key options
func userDidSelectButton(postion: buttonPostion) {
    switch postion {
    case .top:

    //other cases

//delegate callback when user dismisses the popup
func willDissmissPopup() {
    self.collectionView!.allowsSelection = true // revert selection


iOS 10 or later


This is an ongoing project. Improvements may include:

  • better APIs
  • packaging using SPM
  • add unit tests
  • dynamic center point for the popup
  • sliding gestures when selecting key options
  • better animation