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TreeMDown [triː <'em> daʊn]

... is a single page PHP application for browsing markdown documents in a file structure and translating them to HTML.

A full featured demo can be found here!



You like TreeMDown and you are interested in browsing multiple trees of markdown files?

Check out TreeMDown-Multi! Live demo is available here.

Latest updates

  • Updated highlightjs to version 8.3
  • Fixed syntax highlighting of markdown code
  • Handling internal links between markdown files in the same tree (see the documentation)

Requirements / Dependencies

Note: This application is currently tested on linux systems only.


Via composer

To get the latest stable release, check the versions at Packagist and add to your composer.json:

	"require": {
		"hollodotme/treemdown": "~1.0"

To get the bleeding edge version add this to your composer.json:

	"repositories": [
			"type": "vcs",
			"url": ""

	"require": {
		"hollodotme/treemdown": "dev-master"

Now include the vendor/autoload.php and get started.




use hollodotme\TreeMDown\TreeMDown;

$treemdown = new TreeMDown('/path/to/your/markdown/files');


With personalization and options


use hollodotme\TreeMDown\TreeMDown;

// Create instance
$treemdown = new TreeMDown( '/path/to/your/markdown/files' );

# [Page meta data]
# Set a projectname
$treemdown->setProjectName('Your project name');

# Set a short description
$treemdown->setShortDescription('Your short description');

# Set a company name
$treemdown->setCompanyName('Your company name');

# [Output options]
# Show or hide empty folders in tree
# Default: Empty folders will be displayed

# Set the default file that is shown if no file or path is selected (initial state)
# The file path must be __relative__ to the root directory above: '/path/to/your/markdown/files'
# Default:

# Show/Hide filename suffix
# Default: Suffix is shown

# Prettify directory and file names
# This removes all "-" and "_" from the names displayed in the tree
# Default: Pretty names are disabled

# [File system options]
# Set the patterns for files you want to include
# Default: array( '*.md', '*.markdown')
$treemdown->setIncludePatterns( array( '*.md', '*.markdown') );

# Set the patterns for files/path you want to exclude
# Default: array( '.*' )
$treemdown->setExcludePatterns( array( '.*' ) );



This application uses the following libraries: