Sample app template to help get started with PhoneGap+Framework7+Vue.js
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Sample PhoneGap Template for Framework7+Vue

A PhoneGap template for the Framework7+Vue Simple Template. Check out this associated blog post for details about using PhoneGap with Vue.js.

Quick Start

PhoneGap CLI

$ phonegap create myVueApp --template
$ cd myVueApp
$ phonegap serve


$ open www/index.html

Cordova CLI

$ cordova create myVueApp --template
$ cd myVueApp
$ open www/index.html

This template includes the required Framework7, Vue and Cordova setup to help you get started quickly. It's targeted at beginners who want to start exploring Framework7 + Vue without the distraction of a complicated development environment. For advanced features such as asset compilation, hot-reload and CSS extraction, check out the more experienced developers use one of the other templates: Framework7 Vue Webpack Template or Framework7 Vue Browserify Template.

Check out the Framework7+Vue.js documentation for full details on the sample app code.