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A base project for getting your whitelabel up and running with Zapier
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Holly Social - Zapier App Template

A base project to create a Zapier app for your Holly Social Whitelabel System. Need help? Email us:

Getting started

Step 1.

Step 2.

  • Clone this repository git clone
  • Run npm install in the project folder

Step 3.

Setting up your environment

We have included a file name .env.example. - copy the contents of this file and place it in a new file called .env (alternatively, you can simply rename the example file).

This Envrionment file contains the variables that are used throughout the codebase. Make sure each variable has a value otherwise tests and deployment will fail.

  • HOLLY_ENDPOINT - Should be the absolute URL to your api endpoint your white label (don't add a trailing slash)
  • HOLLY_TEST_API_KEY - The API key you have generated from a user account on your system.
  • HOLLY_TEST_TEAM_ID - The ID of a team you are a member of (for the above user).
  • HOLLY_TEST_CATEGORY_ID - The ID of the Post Planner category you want to add any test posts to.
  • HOLLY_TEST_MEDIA_URL - This is the media file that will be used for a variety of tests in the system. You can keep it as it is (the Holly Social logo) or change it to any absolute URL.

Example .env file


Setting up your environment on Zapier

The .env file is for running the app locally - you must also define the ENV variables on the Zapier servers.

Simply run (replacing the URL with your endpoint)

zapier env 1.0.0 HOLLY_ENDPOINT ""

Stuck? Run zapier help env

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