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-# Holman feedback!
+# holman/feedback
-Have any feedback on me? [File an issue on this
-project]( and I will get back to
-you promptly.
+This is a quick little ask-me-anything type of repository.
-Looking for some reading material? Check out [closed
-that I've already answered- there's some decent questions about how we make
-product at GitHub, how I work, the most delicious beers in the world, and so
+I do a lot of talks and posts about
+[How GitHub Works]( because I love
+talking and discussing how software gets built. So If you have any questions
+about GitHub, our culture, work practices, technical aspects, or questions about
+me in general, send 'em this way... I'd be happy to shed some light on the
-Don't worry if I close your issue after I answer- it's just so I don't have
-open issues! I'd love to chat with you further on your issue after it's been
-initially answered.
+If you have any technical problems with Git or GitHub, you're still better off
+if you [ask GitHub Support directly](, since you'll
+end up getting a much faster response back that way.
-## Ask me anything!
-Hey, I can answer questions and shit too! And I don't even need a Java
-FormSpring Quora Whatever site to do it! I'll probably not even rage-close your
-issue! Maybe! Ask me anything!
+### Ask a question
+Asking a question is as easy as
+[creating a new issue]( on this
+I'll try to answer it as soon as I can get to it. Once I answer I'll close the
+issue just so I know what I've covered, but don't worry- if you have any further
+questions just respond in the thread and I'll get back to you soon. Feel free to
+ask a question on any old issue too, even if you didn't create it.
+### Read some questions
+Check out the [Closed Issues](
+filter on this repository to browse questions I've answered in the past. I try
+to use this as an email replacement that everyone can see, so feel free to dig
+into some of the older threads.
+### Twitter
+If you have something quick and easy, just ping me on Twitter. 140 characters
+makes everyone more efficient. I'm [@holman]( on

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