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boom manages your text snippets on your command line. You can stash away text like URLs, canned responses, and important notes and then quickly copy them onto your clipboard, ready for pasting.

For more details about what boom is and how it works, check out boom's website.


gem install boom

Quick and Dirty

$ boom gifs
Boom! Created a new list called "gifs".

$ boom gifs shirt
Boom! "shirt" in "gifs" is "". Got it.

$ boom shirt
Boom! Just copied to your clipboard.

$ boom delete gifs shirt
Boom! shirt is gone forever.

And that's just a taste! I know, you're salivating, I can hear you from here. (Why your saliva is noisy is beyond me.) Check out the full list of commands.


Want to join the Pantheon of Boom'ers? I'd love to include your contributions, friend.

Clone this repository, then run bundle install. That'll install all the gem dependencies. Make sure your methods are TomDoc'd properly, that existing tests pass (rake), and that any new functionality includes appropriate tests.

The tests are written in shell for roundup, since boom is basically just Ruby pretending to be shell. rake should run them all for you just fine.

All good? Cool! Then send me a pull request!

I love you

Zach Holman made this. Ping me on Twitter — @holman — if you're having issues, want me to merge in your pull request, or are using boom in a cool way. I'm kind of hoping this is generic enough that people do some fun things with it. First one to use boom to calculate their tax liability wins.