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@@ -24,6 +24,9 @@ For more details about what boom is and how it works, check out
$ boom shirt
Boom! Just copied to your clipboard.
+ $ boom delete gifs shirt
+ Boom! shirt is gone forever.
And that's just a taste! I know, you're salivating, I can hear you from here.
(Why your saliva is noisy is beyond me.) Check out the [full list of
@@ -51,4 +54,4 @@ All good? Cool! Then [send me a pull request](
[@holman]( — if you're having issues, want me to
merge in your pull request, or are using boom in a cool way. I'm kind of hoping
this is generic enough that people do some fun things with it. First one to use
-`boom` to calculate their tax liability wins.
+`boom` to calculate their tax liability wins.

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