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@ronaldvz ronaldvz Updated delete commands to currently working ones. Mar 26, 2014 9ac521c
@holman holman Updated Commands (markdown) Mar 29, 2013 53caf3d
@nuclearsandwich nuclearsandwich Update Boom url. Jul 3, 2012 045a683
@petdance petdance Add a plug for ack as better than findstr Mar 14, 2012 327ab56
tombell Update to include the environment variable for editing on Windows. Jul 21, 2011 da0a846
tombell Windows grep action May 7, 2011 f4e0838
@holman holman fleshin' out some wiki Updated Home (markdown) Feb 27, 2011 56f74b0
@holman holman Add commands from the README Created Commands (markdown) Feb 27, 2011 a2a15d6
@holman holman Initial Commit Feb 27, 2011 69fda74
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