Import your Nike+ runs into Garmin Connect.
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Import your Nike+ runs to Garmin Connect


Note: I'm pretty sure after Nike changed their site, Fatigue doesn't work anymore. Mega bummer.

If you're a developer, Pull Requests are definitely accepted- after my initial import of runs I have no need for Fatigue anymore, ironically enough.

It looks like this

$ fatigue

  __      _   _                  
 / _|    | | (_)                 
| |_ __ _| |_ _  __ _ _   _  ___ 
|  _/ _` | __| |/ _` | | | |/ _ \
| || (_| | |_| | (_| | |_| |  __/
|_| \__,_|\__|_|\__, |\__,_|\___|
                 __/ | for nike+garmin

Nike+ User ID:           123456789
Garmin Connect Username: sookie
Garmin Connect Password: 

  status:      100% |oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo| Time: 00:02:20

Neato! We just imported 72 runs. See them for yourself at:

What you get

This grabs run data from the low-fi Nike+ histories, so while it won't have GPS maps like what Garmin rocks, we'll populate your Garmin history with Nike+ data for things like distance run, how long your run took, what day and time it was run, and shit.


For the Techies

gem install fatigue

If you have no idea what the heck a gem install is, have no fear; none of this is hard to do.

For Mac Users

Open up your Applications folder, scroll down to Utilities, and then open up Terminal. Once you're there, type sudo gem install fatigue and then enter your Mac password when prompted. This will download the code to your machine. When it tells you "3 gems installed", type fatigue and enjoy the show.

NOTE: If you run into a problem during installation where it spits out ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension, that means you need to install XCode. It's available on your OS X install DVD or through the Mac App Store. We're working on fixing this so you don't need to install XCode in the future.

For Windows Users

Microsoft makes everything harder since you'll have to install Ruby yourself. Until someone forks this repository with better Windows instructions (hint hint!), the best I can give you is to go try RubyInstaller, install it, and then see if you can run gem install fatigue in it. Somehow. I don't know really, but I have a lot of faith that you can manage it. You seem like a strong-willed individual.

Can I see your ID

Nike might release a public API at some point in the future (although they'll probably make you buy their shoes in order to use it). Until then, we can sneak onto their widget API. You need to find your Nike+ user id, though (numeric ID, that is; not your login).

To do this, log into your Nike+ account, click on "Runs", and then the long number right at the end of the URL is just what you need. COPY AND PASTE IT WITH ALL DUE HASTE.

You'll also need to make sure your runs are public. Click on your face on the sidebar, go to settings, and share your life away. No need to be modest.


Pretty sure Nike will change their site, Garmin will change their site, or both, so this may be a bit unstable, from time to time. Have no fear; open source is here.

If you'd like to contribute fixes (thanks!), fork this project, add your changes, make sure tests pass with rake, and send me a pull request. High-fives for new methods that are properly TomDoc'd.


Love, @holman.