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Hopper is:

  • Dennis Hopper.
  • Grace Hopper - Pioneered COBOL and high level progamming languages. Wrote the first compiler.
  • A young, low-level drug dealer.
  • A funnel-shaped chamber or bin in which loose material, as grain or coal, is stored temporarily.

This Hopper is more like the last one. Except with code.

Code Analysis

Hopper is designed to collect, analyze, and report on code on a community level. Here's an example workflow:

  • Download a project
  • Run that project through a battery of heuristics
  • Record those results

Then we do this a few thousand times. This lets us analyze languages from a community standpoint. How do we write our methods? What's the normal lifecycle of a programming project? Has our style writing of code changed over time?


First, install redis. This might be as easy for you as brew install redis.

Next, install Hopper:

git clone

You should be up and running on http://localhost:9393. This loads up the development environment (with shotgun), so you'll need to adjust the command to use Unicorn in production.

The App

Hopper is a Redis-backed Sinatra app. Its purpose is to churn through a pile of repository links, download them, and run a bunch of Probes on it.

A Probe is an analysis of a particular aspect of the project. Internally, each specific probe inherits from the Probe class, which is a standard interface that we can access to run all of these probes. An example might be an LOC Probe, which counts the lines of code in a project.

Reporting is all done via the web app. This is where all of the adorable graphs and pretty statistics get gathered.


Indexing is a little more complex. First, if you just want some data to play around with, run:

rake setup

This will clone down six repos locally for you to play with. You'll then want to start up the Resque job server:

foreman start jobs

If you want to index other projects, run:

rake console

This will kick of jobs to index projects from GitHub. To actually start the jobs, run:

foreman start jobs

This will run one worker on all queues. Since the indexing job will go forever, you'll want to monitor Resque and see until a reasonable about of Index and Probe jobs are queued up. When you've reached a reasonable level:

rake console

That will end the download job, so your one worker will then go on to process your new Index and Probe jobs.


Hopper is a @holman joint.