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Cool replacement for Test::Unit's TestRunner

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leftright is kind of like the redgreen gem. It makes passing tests look green, exceptions yellow, and failures red. But then there's more:

* It lets you know which TestCase class is being tested
* It shows you the full text of failures and exceptions as they happen
* It skips all remaining tests for a TestCase class if one fails


Right now this is pretty heavily dependent on Test::Unit, so it won't work in Ruby 1.9+ using MiniTest. Support is planned as soon as I find myself using the Ruby 1.9 + Rails 3 combo day to day.

Installation instructions

From Rubyforge's gem server (might not be there):

gem install leftright

From Gemcutter:

gem install leftright --source

Both are the same, and are loaded the same way:

require 'leftright'

If you're on JRuby, you'll need to install ffi-ncurses to format properly:

jruby -S gem install ffi-ncurses

Example usage

require 'leftright'

class SomeTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
  def test_that_true_is_indeed_true
    assert_equal true, true

Then run the file with ruby. Mind you, it gets a lot more exciting with your own tests, specially if they fail. :)


Copyright © 2009 Jordi Bunster, released under the MIT license

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