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@@ -64,16 +64,6 @@ ruby-1.8.7-p334 in spark/ on master with history: ▂▅▇▂
Sounds like a wiki is a great place to collect all of your
[wicked cool usage][wiki] for spark.
-## todo
-so hint hint hint if you're looking for something to hack on.
-- Speedup. It's a little more sluggish than it should be since we're doing a
- few unnecessary loops.
-- I'd like to constrain character widths with a `-w` switch.
-- POSIX-compliant. I cheated with some bash functions, but I'd like to get down
- to basics and just do something ultimately portable for everyone.
## ▇▁ ⟦⟧ ▇▁
This is a [@holman][holman] joint.

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