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gwern commented Nov 16, 2011

This is a tricky issue. I was going through the wiki page of examples and the readme, to remove all the tr munging now that we do '[:space:]' inside spark itself, when I discovered they weren't working! A stdin problem? But when I took the examples' output and manually echoed them in, spark worked! Huh?

$ echo -n 1,2, | spark && echo true


$ echo 1,2, | spark && echo true

I messed around and found that echo -n did cause the failure. After some more digging and use of set -x and tee, I found that spark was bombing out with an error at line 148, with read. If you do help read you find it demands a newline at the end of the input, or at least that its caller specify an end-of-input delimiter. We can't really do that because the last character will usually be a number we want! So I went to #bash and asked for help. It turns out that set -e is the problem - read is populating the array as we want it to, but then it reaches the end of input, returns a bad exit code, and per the arcane ad hoc rules governing it ( that kills the script. Or something like that. Bash example (note which one prints out):

$ echo -n 3,4, | { read var && echo true1; echo "$var"; } && echo true2

Removing set -e fixes the problem. The FAQ says 'GreyCat's personal recommendation is simple: don't use set -e. Add your own error checking instead.' so hopefully that wouldn't be too big an issue.

@gwern gwern added a commit to gwern/spark that referenced this issue Nov 16, 2011

@gwern gwern rm 'set -e' & quote per Riviera's advice; 'set -e' breaks on no trail…
…ing newline (see issue #37 for detailed discussion)

holman commented Nov 16, 2011

This is great work. Merged it in. Thanks so much for digging way way into this for me. I noticed something had broken it earlier but was too busy to actually dive in and see what the problem was.


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