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A simple python crawler with BFS and Pagerank based priority queue. The project contains following files: Python script for crawler which could be run as

>> python

Beware that the program would require an API key from bing. You can find one at

It takes the following three inputs:

search_term: the query for the focused crawler

Method: bfs or pagerank

num_pages: Number of pages to be crawled

The python script was used to generate the following four logs:

  1. ebbets field_bfs.log
  2. knuckle sandwich_bfs.log
  3. ebbets field_pagerank.log
  4. knuckle sandwich_pagerank.log

Each of the log files contain 1000 crawled urls and other relevant information.

Description: The python crawler has two settings

1. BFS: Uses a simple queue and crawls pages according to the BFS algorithm

2. Page Rank: Maintains a priority queue running page rank on graph each time after crawling 30 urls

Major Functions:

Function Name Description Library Used
get_seed Gets first 10 links from Bing PyBing
can_fetch_url Checks robots.txt for access allowance Python RobotExclusion
save_file Saves html contents of crawled urls Python urllib
save_file Catches various HTTP Error Codes Python urllib.HTTPError
Normalize Normalizes url and adds scheme (‘http’) Python urlnorm
get_links Parsed the html file for links BeautifulSoup
validate_links Makes sure only html files are crawled None
max_per_domain Rate Control tldextract

Non Working Features:

Haven’t catered to cased where is same as


A focused crawler that takes top 10 pages from Bing as a seed for keywords and crawls from there





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