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@thedavidmeister thedavidmeister released this Feb 10, 2020 · 510 commits to develop since this release


The format is based on Keep a Changelog.
This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[0.0.43-alpha3] - 2020-02-10








This release includes binaries of:

Very much recommended install

The recommended installation process is to follow the developer quick-start guide.

The approach in the quick start guide:

  • provides additional supporting tools like rust & node
  • shows you how to keep up to date with the latest versions of everything
  • makes minimal changes to your machine overall
  • is relatively difficult to screw up

Bothersome manual install

IMPORTANT: Manual holochain installations can conflict with the installer.

Either binary is installed by being placed anywhere on your $PATH.
This is different for everyone and depends how your machine is configured.

For hc to build and test DNA Rust and NodeJS are both needed.

Which Rust?

The binaries for this release were built with rust from holonix version v0.0.65.
WASM needs the wasm32-unknown-unknown rust target on your toolchain.

Which NodeJS?

Node is used to run end to end tests as a client of the holochain.
Holochain exposes websockets for node to interact with.

We recommend nodejs 10+.

Which Binary?

Download the binaries for your operating system.

  • MacOS: cli-v0.0.43-alpha3-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz
  • Linux: cli-v0.0.43-alpha3-x86_64-generic-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  • Windows:
    • Visual Studio build system (default): cli-v0.0.43-alpha3-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.tar.gz
    • mingw build system: cli-v0.0.43-alpha3-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu.tar.gz

All binaries are for 64-bit operating systems.
32-bit systems are NOT supported.

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