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  1. hologram-python hologram-python Public

    Hologram device-side Python SDK - Send messages to the cloud in just 3 lines of code!

    Python 88 46

  2. spacebridge spacebridge Public

    This client allows you to use the Hologram Spacebridge service to create an inbound authenticated tunnel to your device

    Python 18 5

  3. nova-hardware nova-hardware Public

    Hologram Nova Hardware

    39 8

  4. hologram-tools hologram-tools Public

    The client-side tools you need to help build your next cellular-connected product

    Python 28 13

  5. rest-api-docs rest-api-docs Public

    API Blueprint for Hologram's REST API

    API Blueprint 10 18

  6. smpp.pdu smpp.pdu Public

    Forked from mozes/smpp.pdu

    Library for parsing Protocol Data Units (PDUs) in SMPP protocol

    Python 3 3


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