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Free RPG Engine for FaceBook such as Mafia Wars, for fun or profit.

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Free RPG Engine for FaceBook

This is a blank game engine for RPGs such as Mafia Wars on FaceBook. There are many types of games like these. 
They are simple games that operate by simple clicks and automated processes are used to determine the decisions of the players. Most of these games make money regardless of how crappy they are, but the concept has great potential and great little games can be made from it.

The layout of the game is in SASS (CSS). The game itself is written on Ruby On Rails.

Some sections of the game have been disabled because they do not work, but there is alot of potential here.

FaceBook Credits need to be implemented in the game in order to make it able to generate revenue.

We can all collaborate and improve on this engine and then we can benefit from it.

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