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Holon platform examples: JDBC Datastore

This is one of the Holon Platform example projects.

This example shows how to deal with the basic operations of the Datastore API, using a JDBC Datastore implementation and a H2 in-memory database.

Spring Boot is used for automatic DataSource and Datastore configuration, activated by the holon-starter-jdbc-datastore-hikaricp starter. See the example pom.

NOTE: This is the JDBC version of the JPA Datastore example.


This example addresses the following topics:

  • Automatic setup of a JDBC Datastore using the Holon Platform Spring Boot integration
  • Management of a simple data entity using the Datastore API (create, update, delete, query)

Example structure

The schema.sql script creates the products table at application startup time.

The Product class represents the property model for a simple product entity.

Please note:

  • The WITHDRAWN Product property is configured with a property value converter to automatically convert the integer type of the database table column to the Boolean type.

  • The TARGET field of the Product class is the definition of a named DataTarget which refers to the products table name to be used with Datastore operations.

The TestDatastore class is a JUnit test class to show how to use the Datastore API to create, update delete and query the products, relying on the PropertyBox type to handle the property values.

Run this example

Run the unit test class using mvn test or your favorite IDE command.


The complete Holon Platform reference guide is available here.

For the specific documentation about the components used in this example see:

System requirements

The Holon Platform is built using Java 8, so you need a JRE/JDK version 8 or above to build and run this example projects.


All the Holon Platform modules and examples are Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Holon Platform Examples

See Holon Platform Examples for the examples directory.