This module provides integration between the Holon Platform core APIs, such as Datastore and RestClient, and the Project Reactor reactive programming model, using the Flux and Mono APIs.
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Holon platform Project Reactor integration

Latest release: 5.2.0

This is the Reactor module of the Holon Platform, which provides integration with the Project Reactor APIs, a reactive library for building non-blocking applications on the JVM based on the Reactive Streams Specification.

Code structure

See Holon Platform code structure and conventions to learn about the "real Java API" philosophy with which the project codebase is developed and organized.

Getting started

System requirements

The Holon Platform is built using Java 8, so you need a JRE/JDK version 8 or above to use the platform artifacts.


See releases for the available releases. Each release tag provides a link to the closed issues.

Obtain the artifacts

The Holon Platform is open source and licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. All the artifacts (including binaries, sources and javadocs) are available from the Maven Central repository.

The Maven group id for this module is com.holon-platform.reactor and a BOM (Bill of Materials) is provided to obtain the module artifacts:

Maven BOM:


See the Artifacts list for a list of the available artifacts of this module.

Using the Platform BOM

The Holon Platform provides an overall Maven BOM (Bill of Materials) to easily obtain all the available platform artifacts:

Platform Maven BOM:


See the Artifacts list for a list of the available artifacts of this module.

Build from sources

You can build the sources using Maven (version 3.3.x or above is recommended) like this:

mvn clean install

Getting help


See the Holon Platform examples repository for a set of example projects.


See Contributing to the Holon Platform.

Gitter chat Join the contribute Gitter room for any question and to contact us.


All the Holon Platform modules are Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Artifacts list

Maven group id: com.holon-platform.reactor

Artifact id Description
holon-reactor-datastore Project Reactor integration for the Holon Platform Datastore API, using Mono and Flux as API operations result
holon-reactor-http Project Reactor integration for the Holon Platform RestClient API, using Mono and Flux as API operations result
holon-reactor-spring Spring webflux WebClient implementation of the Holon Platform RestClient API
holon-reactor-bom Bill Of Materials
holon-reactor-bom-platform Bill Of Materials with Project Reactor dependencies
documentation-reactor Documentation