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High-level tools to simplify visualization in Python

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  1. datashader datashader Public

    Quickly and accurately render even the largest data.

    Python 3.3k 363

  2. holoviews holoviews Public

    With Holoviews, your data visualizes itself.

    Python 2.7k 399

  3. panel panel Public

    Panel: The powerful data exploration & web app framework for Python

    Python 4.5k 489

  4. hvplot hvplot Public

    A high-level plotting API for pandas, dask, xarray, and networkx built on HoloViews

    Python 1k 99

  5. geoviews geoviews Public

    Simple, concise geographical visualization in Python

    Python 579 75

  6. param param Public

    Param: Make your Python code clearer and more reliable by declaring Parameters

    Python 414 69


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