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Add Violin Element #2114

merged 18 commits into from Feb 5, 2018
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Just for now

Draw miniature boxplot inside mpl violinplot

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philippjfr committed Jan 29, 2018
commit 2d22074b73b2897c6be15d00aec30fed8d116461
@@ -281,5 +281,4 @@ def grid_selector(grid):
# Statistics
options.Distribution = Options('style', facecolor=Cycle(), edgecolor='black',
options.Violin = Options('style', facecolors=Cycle(), bw_method='scott',
showmedians=True, showextrema=False, alpha=0.7)
options.Violin = Options('style', facecolors=Cycle(), showextrema=False, alpha=0.7)
@@ -122,19 +122,43 @@ class ViolinPlot(BoxPlot):
plot option.

bandwidth = param.Number(default=None, doc="""
Allows supplying explicit bandwidth value rather than relying
on scott or silverman method.""")

inner = param.ObjectSelector(objects=['box', 'medians', None],
default='box', doc="""
Inner visual indicator for distribution values:
* box - A small box plot
* stick - Lines indicating each sample value
* quartiles - Indicates first, second and third quartiles

_plot_methods = dict(single='violinplot')

style_opts = ['showmedians', 'showmeans', 'facecolors',
'showextrema', 'bw_method', 'widths',
'stats_color', 'alpha', 'edgecolors']
style_opts = ['showmeans', 'facecolors', 'showextrema', 'bw_method',
'widths', 'stats_color', 'box_color', 'alpha', 'edgecolors']

def init_artists(self, ax, plot_args, plot_kwargs):
box_color = plot_kwargs.pop('box_color', 'black')
stats_color = plot_kwargs.pop('stats_color', 'black')
facecolors = plot_kwargs.pop('facecolors', [])
edgecolors = plot_kwargs.pop('edgecolors', 'black')
labels = plot_kwargs.pop('labels')
alpha = plot_kwargs.pop('alpha', 1.)
artists = super(ViolinPlot, self).init_artists(ax, plot_args, plot_kwargs)
artist = artists['artist']
showmedians = self.inner == 'medians'
bw_method = self.bandwidth or 'scott'
artist = ax.violinplot(*plot_args, bw_method=bw_method,
showmedians=showmedians, **plot_kwargs)
artists = {'artist': artist}
if self.inner == 'box':
box = ax.boxplot(*plot_args, positions=plot_kwargs['positions'],
showfliers=False, showcaps=False, patch_artist=True,
boxprops={'facecolor': box_color},
medianprops={'color': 'white'}, widths=0.1,
artists['box'] = box
for body, color in zip(artist['bodies'], facecolors):
@@ -160,10 +184,19 @@ def get_data(self, element, ranges, style):
colors.append(elstyle[i].get('facecolors', 'blue'))
style['positions'] = range(len(data))
style['labels'] = labels
style['facecolors'] = colors
style = {k: v for k, v in style.items()
if k not in ['zorder', 'label']}
style['vert'] = not self.invert_axes
format_kdims = [kd(value_format=None) for kd in element.kdims]
ticks = {'yticks' if self.invert_axes else 'xticks': list(enumerate(labels))}
return (data,), style, {'dimensions': [format_kdims, element.vdims[0]], **ticks}

def teardown_handles(self):
for group in self.handles['artist'].values():
for v in group:
for group in self.handles['box'].values():
for v in group:
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