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@jlstevens jlstevens released this Apr 17, 2018 · 680 commits to master since this release

JupyterLab support:

  • Full compatibility with JupyterLab when installing the jupyterlab_holoviews extension (#687)

New components:


  • Added radial HeatMap option to allow plotting heatmaps with a cyclic x-axis (#2139)

  • All elements now support declaring bin edges as well as centers allowing Histogram and QuadMesh to become first class Dataset types (#547)

  • When using widgets, their initial or default value can now be set via the Dimension.default parameter (#704)

  • n-dimensional Dask arrays are now supported directly via the gridded dictionary data interface (#2305)

  • Added new Styling Plots and Colormaps user guides, including new functionality for working with colormaps.


  • Improvements to exceptions (#1127)

  • Toolbar position and merging (via a new merge_toolbar option) can now be controlled for Layout and Grid plots (#1977)

  • Bokeh themes can now be applied at the renderer level (#1861)

  • Dataframe and Series index can now be referenced by name when constructing an element (#2000)

  • Option-setting methods such as .opts, .options and hv.opts now allow specifying the backend instead of defaulting to the current backend (#1801)

  • Handled API changes in streamz 0.3.0 in Buffer stream (#2409)

  • Supported GIF output on windows using new Matplotlib pillow animation support (#385)

  • Provided simplified interface to rasterize most element types using datashader (#2465)

  • Bivariate element now support levels as a plot option (#2099)

  • NdLayout and GridSpace now consistently support * overlay operation (#2075)

  • The Bokeh backend no longer has a hard dependency on Matplotlib (#829)

  • DynamicMap may now return (Nd)Overlay with varying number of elements (#1388)

  • In the notebook, deleting or re-executing a cell will now delete the plot and clean up any attached streams (#2141)

  • Added color_levels plot option to set discrete number of levels during colormapping (#2483)


  • Layout and Overlay objects no longer create lower-case nodes on attribute access (#2331)

  • Dimension.step now correctly respects both integer and float steps (#1707)

  • Fixed timezone issues when using linked streams on datetime axes (#2459)

Changes affecting backwards compatibility:

  • Image elements now expect and validate regular sampling (#1869); for genuinely irregularly sampled data QuadMesh should be used.

  • Tabular elements will no longer default to use ArrayInterface, instead preferring pandas and dictionary data formats (#1236)

  • Cycle/Palette values are no longer zipped together; instead they now cycle independently (#2333)

  • The default color Cycle was expanded to provide more unique colors (#2483)

  • Categorical colormapping was made consistent across backends, changing the behavior of categorical Matplotlib colormaps (#2483)

  • Disabled auto-indexable property of the Dataset baseclass, i.e. if a single column is supplied no integer index column is added automatically (#2522)

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