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Index and find ActiveRecord models using the Postgresql full text search extensions. Note that postgresql based FTS has some limitations: performance is not great and does not scale well, query semantics are limited and results unpredictable. However, for basic FTS in small databases (say less then 50K rows?) works pretty well.

Currently working on the 0.1 release.


Basic versioning scheme is major.minor.patch Major updates can break backward compatibility, minor updates won't. Minor updates add functionality, patches fix existing functionality.

0.1 Basic indexing & search

  • Basic configuration

  • Indexing of methods and columns of AR models

  • Weigthed indexing

  • Basic language support

  • Generator for migration

  • Basic search, no query expansion, ranking or fuzzy matching

  • Reindex methods & callbacks

0.2 Functional indexing & search

  • Recursive indexing of associated models

  • Raw SQL indexing

  • Query parser for advanced queries (operators & phrases etc)

  • Ranked search results

  • Result highlighting

  • Server setup documentation for improved stemming, language support, other stuff

0.3 Advanced querying

  • Dictonary building (index of all unique word stems in indexable fields)

  • Query spelling correction based on dictonary (soundex proximity based)

  • Configurable ranking algoritms

  • Recency based boosting of rankings

Later.. Maybe..

  • Add support for some synonym to be used either at query or at index time, or both

  • Query suggestions based on similairity (more fuzzy than 'spelling correction')

  • Query suggestions based on thesaurus

  • Customizable ranking

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