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Josh's SVN wrapper script

This wrapper script to Subversion supplements normal svn behavior by
adding additional functionality or modifying the output of the default
svn subcommands (simplification and colorization). Much of the functionality
implemented here was inspired by the way that git works.

It is recommended to put this script in your $PATH as 'jsvn' or something
other than 'svn' and to make an alias svn='jsvn'.
For example, this .bash_aliases stanza will check if 'jsvn' is in your
path and automatically alias 'svn' to it if so:
  if [[ "$(which jsvn 2>/dev/null)" != "" ]]; then
      alias svn='jsvn'

Implemented subcommands:
 add <file>...
  - add files as usual; add recursive contents of directories
 binaries [--set-lock]
  - show a list of versioned binary files under the current path, with
    a prepended '*' for those with svn:needs-lock set
  - with --set-lock, set svn:needs-lock to '*' for binaries
 bisect <operation>
   - init  initialize a new bisect operation
   - bad   mark the current revision as bad - containing the change sought
   - good  mark the current revision as good - older than the change sought
   - reset terminate the bisect operation and return to the original revision
  - branch: list branches with '*' by the current one
  - branch -d name: delete branch <name>
  - branch [-s] name [source[@rev]]: create branch <name>
    - if <source> is given it is resolved as a reference name (can be 'trunk',
      or a tag or branch name)
    - if <source> is not given the HEAD of the current working-copy URL is used.
    - also switch to the new branch if -s is given
 checkout [options] [url] [wc_path]
  - if a URL is given that ends with /trunk and no working copy path is given,
    then the last directory component before "/trunk" is used as the working
    copy path
 clean [-x] {-n|-f} [path...]
  - remove (or list) unversioned items
    -x, --ignore-ignores
      - remove/list unversioned items that are ignored by Subversion
    -n, --dry-run
      - perform a dry-run, i.e. list files that would be removed but do not
        actually remove them
    -f, --force
      - perform the actual removal of unversioned files
  - removes trailing whitespace (including end-of-line characters) from commit
    messages before committing if neither -m nor -F arguments are given
  - allow specifying ref1..ref2 syntax to show the diff between two references
    - references can be tag names, branch names, or 'trunk'
  - allow specifying ref1...ref2 syntax to show the diff between the common
    ancestor of ref1 and ref2 and ref2's HEAD
  - print a list of the externals in the repository
 lockable [--remove] | [--status] <file[s]>
  - with no switches, set svn:needs-lock to '*' for file[s]
  - with --remove, remove svn:needs-lock' for file[s]
  - with --status, prepended '*' for those with svn:needs-lock set
  - allow specifying ref1..ref2 syntax to show the log entries for
    ref2 which are not a part of ref1
 merge <branch>
  - merge branch <branch> into the current WC path
  - falls back to Subversion "merge" if <branch> doesn't exist
 revert <path[s]>
  - revert all affected files under given target path(s)
  - output root URL (for use on shell such as "svn log $(svn root)/tags")
 stash [options] [file...]
  - allow temporarily saving changes to the working copy without committing
  - the stashes behaves as a "stack" where stashing pushes a new stash object
    and popping removes the newest one from the top of the stack
  - binary files are ignored (a warning is printed) and not stashed
    -e, --externals
      - also stash changes in externals (if no explicit targets given)
      - this option is implicitly on if the configuration value
        'stash_externals' is set to True
      - reverse --externals (or the configuration value 'stash_externals')
    -k, --keep
      - create the stash object, but keep the changes locally as well
      - with --pop, do not remove the stash object after reapplying it
    -p, --patch
      - interactively prompt for whether to stash each hunk
      - show a list of all stash objects
    --pop [id]
      - apply the stash object <id> back to the working copy
      - the stash object is removed unless -k (keep) given
      - <id> defaults to the newest stash object created
    --show [id]
      - display the diff stored in stash with ID <id>
      - <id> defaults to the newest stash object created
    --drop [id]
      - delete stash object <id>
      - <id> defaults to the newest stash object created
    - if none of --list, --pop, --show, or --drop is given, a new stash object
      is created containing the chosen differences
    - if file is given, only the changes from the listed files will be stashed
 switch <short_name>
  - switch to 'trunk', branch name, or tag name without having to specify
    the full URL
  - falls back to Subversion "switch" if <short_name> doesn't exist
  - tag [-v]: list tags
    - with -v (verbose), lists tag origin and creation date
  - tag -d name: delete tag <name>
  - tag -m old new: rename tag <old> to <new>
  - tag name [source[@rev]]: create tag <name>
    - if <source> is given it is resolved as a reference name (can be 'trunk',
      or another tag or a branch name)
    - if <source> is not given the HEAD of the current working-copy URL is used.
 url [file]
  - output repository URL of file [default: '.' (current working directory)]
  - show a list of contributing users to a SVN path
  - block until the lock on a file/URL is released

If the subcommand name begins with two leading underscores ("__"), the
underscores will be stripped and the command will be handled by native
Subversion without any jsvn processing.


jsvn will execute the files "~/.jsvn", and "$WCROOT/.svn/jsvn", in that
order, if they exist, as Python scripts for the user to locally configure
jsvn. Variables written to from within configuration scripts will be used
as configuration directives to control jsvn's execution. jsvn's default
settings or even user-specified settings can thus be overridden for a
particular working copy by creating a "$WCROOT/.svn/jsvn" script.

Available configuration variables:
  use_color: True or False to enable/disable colorization of svn output
  use_pager: True or False to enable/disable automatic piping of svn
             output to a pager program
  pager:     A string specifying the pager program (and args) to execute
  aliases['XXX']: A string or list defining the alias 'XXX'. A string
             can be used if the alias expands to a single argument. A
             list must be used to pass multiple arguments to svn.
             An arbitrary shell command can be specified by beginning the
             alias definition with a '!' character. In this case, the shell
             variable $0 will contain the subcommand specified by the user
             on the command line, and $1, $2, ... will contain any positional
             parameters specified on the command line.
             Starting with jsvn v1.2, user configuration scripts may define
             python functions to be used as aliases. The execution
             environment for these user-defined functions is limited but
             does provide the following symbols:
              - Popen, PIPE: passed from the subprocess module for arbitrary
                command execution
              - do(cmd, expand=True): the do() function allows the alias
                function to execute a command within jsvn. 'cmd' should be
                either a string if the command has no arguments, or a list
                containing the command and all arguments. 'expand' is a
                boolean flag determining whether user-defined aliases should
                be used to expand the command. If an alias function invokes
                do() with the same command that the alias function itself is
                bound to, and expand is not set to False, then the alias
                function will be called recursively!
  svn:       Specify the path to the native Subversion executable. If not
             specified, the first 'svn' in $PATH will be used.
  ignore_executable_extensions: A list of extensions (including the '.')
             for newly added files which should not automatically have the
             svn:executable property added for them even if the files are
             executable. The default value is ['.c', '.cc', '.h', '.txt'].
  ignore_symlinks: True or False to hide unversioned symlinks from appearing
             in status output (default: False)
  stash_externals: True or False to enable/disable whether '-e' is implicitly
             on for 'stash' subcommand. Defaults to False.

Configuration Examples:
  pager = 'less -FRXi' # enable case-insensitive searching in less
  aliases['revert'] = ['revert', '-R'] # default to recursive reverts
  aliases['s'] = ['status', '--ignore-externals']
  aliases['status'] = '__status' # ignore jsvn processing of status command
  aliases['init'] = '!svnadmin create $1'
  def up_and_ctags(args):
      do(args, expand=False) # do the actual update command
      Popen(['ctags', '-R']).wait()
  aliases['up'] = up_and_ctags

Author: Josh Holtrop

  v1.7 - 2013-08-16
    - add "clean" subcommand handler
    - bugfix: revert subcommand handler: revert deleted items
  v1.6 - 2013-07-24
    - rework 'stash' subcommand to operate on individual hunks
    - add 'revert' subcommand handler
  v1.5 - 2012-11-08
    - add -v (verbose) flag to 'tag' subcommand
    - allow optional source argument to 'branch' subcommand
    - remove repository prefix URL from diff --summarize output
    - Add .exe extension to svn binary name if platform is Windows (not cygwin)
  v1.4 - 2012-08-23
    - allow optional source/revision argument when creating a tag
    - handle ctrl+c better when interacting with a pager
    - add configurable functionality to work around svn automatically adding svn:executable property
    - bugfix for diff "..." range syntax to show correct diff
    - improved performance for diff/log "..." syntax
    - minor stash show bugfix
  v1.3 - 2012-06-27
    - colorize diff --summarize output
    - log: support ref1..ref2 syntax for showing ref2 history not in ref1
    - diff: support ref1..ref2 syntax for diffing branches/tags
    - diff: support ref1...ref2 syntax for diffing from common ancestor
    - branch: add -s option to immediately switch to newly-created branch
    - bugfix: branch: throw error when creating a branch that already exists
    - stash save: add -k option to keep the working copy intact
    - stash pop: add -k option to keep the stash after applying it
    - url subcommand can take an optional path argument to operate on
    - various minor tweaks and improvements
  v1.2 - 2012-05-11
    - support working-copy-local jsvn configuration files ($WCROOT/.svn/jsvn)
    - support python functions as user-implemented aliases
    - bugfix: pager setting in config file overrides $PAGER environment
      variable instead of other way around
  v1.1 - 2012-04-16
    - add stash subcommand
    - add bisect subcommand
    - add support for aliases expanding to arbitrary shell commands
    - bugfix: remove trailing blank lines on colorized output sent to pager
  v1.0 - 2012-03-22
    - functional release on github