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The GreenTech Challenge : Superviz team


The GreenTech challenge is a Dataviz competition launched by the French Ministery of environment that took place in 2017. A huge dataset concerning pesticides in France has been released, and the goal was to build innovative visualizations to sensibilize and inform citizen concerning the french situation over the past 6 Years.

We decided to make a team of 4 friends and built a ShinyApp that allows to efficiently explore this dataset. The app is composed by several sheets, each targeting a specific theme. This tool should allow you to understand what happens in your neighbourhood and in the entire country. It is also studied to improve your genereal knowledge concerning pesticides.

You can access the app online here! Note that we got the third prize for this project.

Here is a screenshot of the first sheet of the app:



The dataset used for this study is available online here. Note that the app already charged this dataset and transformed it in a R environnement, so you do not really need it.

Local use

The best way to consult the application is on the web. However, you can easily use it locally, on your own computer.

Follow these steps:
-1/ Download this whole repository
-2/ Open R (install it if needed)
-3/ Install some libraries running the code below:

# Packages available on CRAN:
to_install=c( "shiny", "sp", "plotly", "ggplot2", "DT", "RColorBrewer", "devtools", "leaflet", "ggmap", "tidyr", "shinydashboard", "shinyjs")

# Packages comming from Github
install_github("mtennekes/treemap", subdir="pkg")

-4/ Start the app from R (add your proper path to the folder):



This application has been developped by 4 friends from Montpellier Supagro:
Charles Moszkowicz: company
Jean-Charles Simonin: company
Guilhem Marre: linkedin
Yan Holtz: homepage