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A clean R Markdown template for your reports
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A clean R Markdown template

--> See it live here.


EpuRate is a custom R Markdown template for your reports. It allows to get a uncluttered output with your contact details in the footer. It is very easy to use.

The html output looks like this.

Note that a specific version is available for:

Using it

  • Install the R package:
  • Open a new rmd file in Rstudio: File -> New File -> R Markdown -> From Template -> epuRate.

  • Change the Header of your document with your name, email adress, github / twitter / linkedIn details if you want to display them. You can also add a logo over the table of content.


Thanks to Florian Rohart for his help on the PCTG template. Thanks to Rstudio and its team for developing so many awesome tools.

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