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Discover the vulnerability by downloading the program's source code to a local and online deployment test.
't_key' => '" /><svg/onload=confirm(1)><',
Line: 1
Stored attacks are those where the injected script is permanently stored on the target servers, in a message forum,
Visitor log, comment field, etc. The victim then retrieves the malicious script from the server when it requests the
Stored information.
Execution conditions:
Normal access is fine.
Maccms <= V8 version
Reason 1:
/template/paody/html/vod_type.htmlLine 6:
<meta name="keywords" content="{page:key}" />
When the page calls the {page:key} function, the function of {page:key} is output directly to
Content, which causes the attack statement to perform complete output.
Reason 2:
Line 79 of /a/tpl/module/db.php
$valarr['t_name'] = strip_tags($valarr['t_name']);
Only 't_name' uses the strip_tags() function; other fields do not use filter functions, causing xss to fail filtering
When the function is output to the foreground, there is no filtering or escaping of the input content,
resulting in the generation of the vulnerability.
In "SEO关键字" input:" /><svg/onload=confirm(1)><
" /><svg/onload=confirm(1)><
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