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A JQuery plugin for rendering timetable
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jquery-timetable is a jquery plugin for rendering timetable.

I use it to help prepare my son's school bag.  See

See example.html for an example usage.

The file test.html contains the integration tests using jqunit.

It is still in its infancy stage.

Known issues:

- Does not run on IE7, never tested on other IEs. Fails a few tests on Opera
  which I haven't had the time to fix.
- It can only render on a single target on a page. Rendering at multiple target
  is not supported and the behavior is not tested at all.
- The time duration is fixed at the top going horizontally and the day are
  fixed at the left going vertically.
- I'm sure you'll find many more :)

Improvements are welcomed.


1. jquery-mColorPicker
2. jquery-autotype

Run `git submodule init && git submodule update` after cloning, and then open
test.html in your browser.

It seems to work on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
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