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Nuntius delivers notifications from your phone or tablet to your computer over Bluetooth.

Nuntius is an Open Source project from HolyLobster.

To use Nuntius you will need to install a companion tool on your phone or tablet and pair it via Bluetooth. You will also need to restart your session to auto-start nuntius.

For more information on the project and the companion tools to install on the computer check

The Icon

You may have questions on the icon. Nice shot. In fact most of the Nuntius development time has been spent on the icon design concept. If you have suggestions on how to improve it we are very open... but... we think it is hardly possible to do better than this.


You can install Nuntius from:

  • Fedora: dnf install nuntius (use yum instead of dnf on Fedora <= 21)
  • Arch Linux (AUR)

You will need to install Nuntius also on your phone or tablet.

At the moment Nuntius is available for Android, check here

Getting in touch

We have an IRC channel: #nuntius on the server. Feel free to join and talk to us! Note that the channel is new and there are not many people (yet!) so be patient and hang around if you do not receive a reply immediately.

Some tips to debug

  • Launch the bluetooth dameon as "sudo /usr/libexec/bluetooth/bluetoothd -d -n"
  • Using bluetoothctl
    • I had to set "agent on", "default-agent" and "trust 98:D6:F7:73:03:F1"
    • Having it running it will provide some information
  • /var/log/messages gives also some information about bluetoothd if you do not run it directly
  • run "sudo btmon > btmon.log" to get information from the devices that try to connect to the computer
    • This is very useful to see to which uuid is trying to connect and what kind of errors it gets