It draws in a static map with Static Maps API V2. The acquisition of URL is also possible.
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StaticMaps 0.2

It draws in a static map with Static Maps API V2. The acquisition of URL is also possible.


How to use

Loading of necessary library.

Mootools and the StaticMaps library are described in HTML in the head element.

	<script type="text/javascript" src="mootools-core1.3.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="StaticMaps.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="StaticMaps.Position.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="StaticMaps.Marker.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="StaticMaps.Path.js"></script>

Preparation for container element that draws in map

The container element that draws in the map is described.

<div id="staticMap"></div>

Description of javascript

It draws in the map in the element that specifies the parameter necessary for the option, executes the renderTo method, and specifies it.

window.addEvent('domready', function(){
	var map = new StaticMaps({
		position: {
			center: {lat: 35.710698, lng: 139.81257},
			zoom: 15
		map: {
			size: {
				width: 600,
				height: 300
			format: 'jpg',
			mapType: 'roadmap',
			mobile: true,
			language: 'en'
		markers: [
				color: '0xCCCCCCC',
				size: 'mid',
				label: 'A',
				point: 'New York'
				color: '0xFFCCCCC',
				size: 'mid',
				label: 'B',
				point: {lat: 40.714353, lng: -74.005973}
		path: {
			color: '0xFF0000',
			points: [
				'New York',
				{ lat: 40.714353, lng: -74.005973 }

Moreover, it is also possible to specify it individually by using the method of the setter.

window.addEvent('domready', function(){

	//It draws specifying the condition in the map. 
	var map = new StaticMaps();

	map.setSize(600, 300)
			lat: 35.710698,
			lng: 139.81257

		color: '0xCCCCCCC',
		size: 'mid',
		label: 'A',
		point: 'New York'

	var marker = map.factory('marker', {
		color: '0xCCCCCCC',
		size: 'mid'
			lat: 40.714353,
			lng: -74.005973


	//A new map is added. 
	var url = map.toQueryString();
	var img = new Element('img', { src: url });


  • position: (object) - Position where map is displayed.
    • center: (object|string) - The center position, the coordinates position or the address in the map can be specified.
    • zoom: (number) - Zoom level of map. The value from 0 to 21 can be specified.
  • map: (object) - The map is optional.
    • size: (object) - Key pair object of width and height.
    • format: (string) - Image format in map. Jpg, png, and gif, etc. can be specified.
    • mapType: (string) - Kind of map. Either roadmap, satellite, terrain or hybrid can be specified.
    • mobile: (boolean) - It displays it by mobile correspondence.
    • language: (string) - Locale in map. en and ja, etc.
  • markers: (array) - Two or more marker objects.
    • marker: (object) - Marker object.
      • color: (string) - The color code in 24 bits or the defined colors can be specified.
      • size: (string) - It is possible to specify it from the size, tiny, mid, and small of the marker.
      • label: (string) - The marker's label. One character in A-Z0-9 can be specified.
      • point: (object|string) - Coordinates position of marker. Coordinates or the address can be specified.
      • icon: (string) - URL of custom marker.
      • shadow: (boolean) - The shadow of the marker is displayed.
  • path: (object) - Information on passing.
    • weigth: (number) - Thickness of line.
    • color: (string) - Color of line.
    • fillColor: (string) - Color that paints out passing.
    • points: (array) - One or more coordinates or name of a places of passing and addresses.