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== Founder
Sean Schofield is the creator of the Spree project. It was originally started in July 2007 as
a Google Code project with the name Rails Cart. The name of the project was changed to Spree
in March 2008 in order to avoid any confusion about it being endorsed by the Ruby on Rails team.
== Core
Spree is maintained by the following core team members (in the order in which they joined):
Sean Schofield
Paul Callaghan
Brian Quinn
Jorge Calas
David North
Roman Smirnov
== Contributors
The following people have submitted changes which have been applied to the
core (in alphabetical order by first name):
Adam Vollrath
Ben Marini
Bernd Ahlers
Bo Frederiksen
Bobby Santiago
Bradley Grzesiak and Nick Karpenske
Brian Quinn
Bryan Mahoney
Caius Durling
Chris Gaskett
Chris Jones
Christopher Maujean
Claudio Perez Gamayo
Dale Hofkens
David Li
David North
Davor Ocelic
Dmitry Shaposhnik
Edmundo Valle Neto
Eliot Sykes
Eric Budd
Ethan Rowe
Fabio Akita
Gregg Pollack
Gustavo Gonzalez
Hirotaka Mizutani
Jason Seifer
Jeff Seibert
Jon Jensen
Jonathan Tron
Jones Lee
Joren De Groof
Jorge Calas Lozano
Joshua Nussbaum
Manuel Stuefer
Marcin Raczkowski
Maxim Filatov
Melvin Ram
Michael Guterl
Michael Lang
Michael Pirogov
Michael Torfs
Nate Murray
Paul Saieg
Peter Berkenbosch
Petri Kivikangas
Ramon Cahenzli
Remy Giard
Ricardo Shiota Yasuda
Richard Piacentini
Robert Kuhr
Roman Smirnov
Rune Botten
Ryan McGeary
Scott Jacobsen
Sean Schofield
Simon Robson
Sonny Cook
Stephanie Powell
Stephen Anderson and Nick Karpenske
Steve Hoeksema
Tee Parham
Tim Case
Tomasz Mazur
Tony Pelaez
Tor Hovland
Torsten Rüger
Trung LE
Will Emerson
Wynn Netherland
Yves Dufour
== Legacy Contributors
The following people have submitted changes which have been applied to the
project previously known as Railscart:
* Sean Schofield
* snacktime
* jawolter
* Brett Mchargue
* Charles Cooke
== Sponsor
Special thanks to End Point Corporation for their generous sponsorship of the Spree project.
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