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Convection in axially symmetric accretion discs with microscopic transport coefficients

This repository presents the pipelines described in the paper Malanchev, Postnov and Shakura (2017) (further MPS2017). The code is written on Python 3 with usage of scipy and matplotlib. Full list of requirements is listed in radiative_cond_disc/requirements.txt.


Optically thin discs with electron heat conductivity

Jupyter notebook heat_cond_disc.ipynb corresponds to Section 2 of MPS2017. The notebook provides three figures:m

  • Vertical distribution of dimensionless temperature θ(x). See Fig. 1 from MPS2017.
  • Size of the laminar zone for different Prandtl numbers Pr. The parameters of conductivity a and viscosity b are fixed.
  • Dependence of thickness parameter ξ on Prandtl number Pr for constant a and b.

Radiative heat conductivity

Folder radiative_cond_disc corresponds to Section 3 of MPS2017.


File contains class FindPi that solves system of ODEs similar to Ketsaris and Shakura (1998). This file can be used as script to obtain Pi1, Pi2, Pi3, Pi4. See an example:

$ python3 radiative_cond_disc/ 1e2
Pi1 = 4.98451
Pi2 = 0.57649
Pi3 = 1.12619
Pi4 = 0.39527

Use --help to read the script documentation.

Moreover this file can be used as a module. The following code performs the same calculations as the example above (alpha-disc with Kramer's opacity law and value of free paramter τ0 equals 100):

from vertstr import FindPi
fp = FindPi(100)
Pi = fp.getPi()

The code of vertstr is documented with docstrings, so you can view documentation in your terminal or web-browser using pydoc:

$ pydoc3 vertstr
Help on module vertstr:




Module plot contains functions used to plot vertical distributions of dimensionless variables (see Fig. 2 and 3 in MPS2017).


Jupyter notebook dlogTdlogP_b.ipynb contains a figure that shows the dependence of symmetry plane value of d log(T) / d log(P) on the viscosity parameter b in the case of ion heat conductivity (d = 0).


Copyright (c) 2016, Konstantin L. Malanchev

Please, accompany any results obtained using this code with reference to Malanchev, Postnov and Shakura (2017) 2017MNRAS.464..410M


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