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4. Webscraping

Date: 2019-06-27

Architecture issue: #252




Webscraping is when we use code to mimic a user and log in to a website and get data in Home Assistant. This is usually needed because certain data sources/integrations do not offer an API.

Webscraping comes with the following downsides:

  • Very fragile, break often. When the website is updated, the integration will need to be updated.
  • Some vendors (like USPS) have IP banned users of such integrations
  • Some rely on beautifulsoup (Python-based), others are relying on PhantomJS or other headless browsers, meaning we need to include a whole browser.


  • We no longer accept any new integration that relies on webscraping
  • We identify, deprecate for 2 releases and remove integrations that rely on webscraping
  • It will still be possible to have custom integrations provide information via webscraping
  • Generic integration to parse HTML are excluded from this decision


Integrations that rely on webscraping will have to be maintained as custom integrations.

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