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"""Helper to help store data."""
import asyncio
from json import JSONEncoder
import logging
import os
from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, List, Optional, Type, Union
from homeassistant.const import EVENT_HOMEASSISTANT_STOP
from homeassistant.core import CALLBACK_TYPE, HomeAssistant, callback
from homeassistant.helpers.event import async_call_later
from homeassistant.loader import bind_hass
from homeassistant.util import json as json_util
# mypy: allow-untyped-calls, allow-untyped-defs, no-warn-return-any
# mypy: no-check-untyped-defs
STORAGE_DIR = ".storage"
_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
async def async_migrator(
"""Migrate old data to a store and then load data.
async def old_conf_migrate_func(old_data)
def load_old_config():
"""Load old config."""
if not os.path.isfile(old_path):
return None
return old_conf_load_func(old_path)
config = await hass.async_add_executor_job(load_old_config)
if config is None:
return await store.async_load()
if old_conf_migrate_func is not None:
config = await old_conf_migrate_func(config)
await store.async_save(config)
await hass.async_add_executor_job(os.remove, old_path)
return config
class Store:
"""Class to help storing data."""
def __init__(
hass: HomeAssistant,
version: int,
key: str,
private: bool = False,
encoder: Optional[Type[JSONEncoder]] = None,
"""Initialize storage class."""
self.version = version
self.key = key
self.hass = hass
self._private = private
self._data: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None
self._unsub_delay_listener: Optional[CALLBACK_TYPE] = None
self._unsub_stop_listener: Optional[CALLBACK_TYPE] = None
self._write_lock = asyncio.Lock()
self._load_task: Optional[asyncio.Future] = None
self._encoder = encoder
def path(self):
"""Return the config path."""
return self.hass.config.path(STORAGE_DIR, self.key)
async def async_load(self) -> Union[Dict, List, None]:
"""Load data.
If the expected version does not match the given version, the migrate
function will be invoked with await migrate_func(version, config).
Will ensure that when a call comes in while another one is in progress,
the second call will wait and return the result of the first call.
if self._load_task is None:
self._load_task = self.hass.async_add_job(self._async_load())
assert self._load_task is not None
return await self._load_task
async def _async_load(self):
"""Load the data."""
# Check if we have a pending write
if self._data is not None:
data = self._data
# If we didn't generate data yet, do it now.
if "data_func" in data:
data["data"] = data.pop("data_func")()
data = await self.hass.async_add_executor_job(
json_util.load_json, self.path
if data == {}:
return None
if data["version"] == self.version:
stored = data["data"]
"Migrating %s storage from %s to %s",
stored = await self._async_migrate_func(data["version"], data["data"])
self._load_task = None
return stored
async def async_save(self, data: Union[Dict, List]) -> None:
"""Save data."""
self._data = {"version": self.version, "key": self.key, "data": data}
await self._async_handle_write_data()
def async_delay_save(self, data_func: Callable[[], Dict], delay: float = 0) -> None:
"""Save data with an optional delay."""
self._data = {"version": self.version, "key": self.key, "data_func": data_func}
self._unsub_delay_listener = async_call_later(
self.hass, delay, self._async_callback_delayed_write
def _async_ensure_stop_listener(self):
"""Ensure that we write if we quit before delay has passed."""
if self._unsub_stop_listener is None:
self._unsub_stop_listener = self.hass.bus.async_listen_once(
EVENT_HOMEASSISTANT_STOP, self._async_callback_stop_write
def _async_cleanup_stop_listener(self):
"""Clean up a stop listener."""
if self._unsub_stop_listener is not None:
self._unsub_stop_listener = None
def _async_cleanup_delay_listener(self):
"""Clean up a delay listener."""
if self._unsub_delay_listener is not None:
self._unsub_delay_listener = None
async def _async_callback_delayed_write(self, _now):
"""Handle a delayed write callback."""
self._unsub_delay_listener = None
await self._async_handle_write_data()
async def _async_callback_stop_write(self, _event):
"""Handle a write because Home Assistant is stopping."""
self._unsub_stop_listener = None
await self._async_handle_write_data()
async def _async_handle_write_data(self, *_args):
"""Handle writing the config."""
data = self._data
if "data_func" in data:
data["data"] = data.pop("data_func")()
self._data = None
async with self._write_lock:
await self.hass.async_add_executor_job(
self._write_data, self.path, data
except (json_util.SerializationError, json_util.WriteError) as err:
_LOGGER.error("Error writing config for %s: %s", self.key, err)
def _write_data(self, path: str, data: Dict) -> None:
"""Write the data."""
if not os.path.isdir(os.path.dirname(path)):
_LOGGER.debug("Writing data for %s", self.key)
json_util.save_json(path, data, self._private, encoder=self._encoder)
async def _async_migrate_func(self, old_version, old_data):
"""Migrate to the new version."""
raise NotImplementedError
async def async_remove(self):
"""Remove all data."""
await self.hass.async_add_executor_job(os.unlink, self.path)
except FileNotFoundError:
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