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Duck DNS

This script adds a cron job which auto updates the WAN IP address for the defined domain.
Before running this script you should already have a Duck DNS account. During the installation you will be asked to supply your domain name and the token for your account.


sudo hassbian-config install duckdns


sudo hassbian-config remove duckdns

Additional info

Running as: homeassistant

If you choose to also generate SSL certificates with this you would need to add this under http: to your configuration.yaml

  ssl_certificate: /home/homeassistant/dehydrated/certs/
  ssl_key: /home/homeassistant/dehydrated/certs/

Keep in mind that after you added the ssl keys to your config and restarted Home Assistant, your installation won't be available through http anymore but then only through https.

This script was originally contributed by @Ludeeus.